At Mardon Group Insurance (MGI). we work hard to be one of the top Vancouver insurance brokers and to meet the needs of groups of 50 or more members such as associations, societies or an employer. We believe that the success of our programs depend on the strength of the relationships we build with our groups. We’re confident that our team has the experience and ability needed to meet your group’s long-term needs. Please remember that this office does not offer a retail storefront, so if you are an individual searching for a new insurance policy please contact any of our other Mardon Insurance offices.

Mardon Group Insurance: Don't Break the Bank

MGI pricing is competitive

Our products and pricing for group programs is very competitive, offering far more value than the standard rating outside of an MGI program. In the vast majority of cases, individuals pay far less for their coverage within an MGI program than they would if they were to purchase the coverage individually.

MGI products are comprehensive

Many of our MGI products have features that aren’t offered in the standard market or by most other brokerages selling group insurance.

MGI philosophy

The philosophy of Mardon Group Insurance is to protect the integrity of its programs in order to ensure their long-term viability for the members.


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